November 2009

he Korea Communications Commission (KCC), which governs South Korea’s broadcasting and telecommunications regulations, kicks off its drive for 3D television and will be issuing licenses beginning January 2010 for land-based 3D broadcasting in full HD quality, compared to 3D satellitebroadcasts in Japan and United Kingdom.  A KCC official stated that they expect trial services to start on February next year.

So far, a handful of companies have expressed interest to present their programming in 3D.  CJ HelloVision cable subscribers will be required to have set-top boxes installed to experience 3D viewing on television, which will mostly consists of cartoons for starters.  A representative from CJ HelloVision said that they will be providing 3D TV free-of-charge at first before deciding on the right consumer charges for the service.

As part of its trial service, CJ HelloVision will pick 300 households in Seoul and Busan that will receive 3D video-on-demand broadcast this year before expanding their 3D coverage to 1,000 households by 2012.

Meanwhile, TU Media-the mobile TV arm of SK Telecom-is planning to introduce a mobile phone that will support both its own satellite pay-TV service and free, terrestrial mobile TV broadcasts.  This handset will also be providing 3D video to be established on a separate satellite channel, which will be displayed for about an hour everyday.  Sky Life, a satellite TV operator, plans on starting their trial period for 3D broadcasting in January 2010.


Its riot-inducing original was already among the most famous sneakers of all time, but the ‘Pigeon’ colourway by Jeff Staple has gotten alot of respect in oh-nine.  He created a Converse Sea Star Hiand a New Balance 575 with the same colourway, which inspired LaMJC to craft a similar Air Force 1 Bespoke and a custom Nike Air Max 90.  Somewhere in the middle is this AM90 created on Nike iD.  The creator used infrared in place of the salmon hits for a look that reminds us how similar the newSupra Skytop II ‘Gradient’ really is.  Which Staple-inspired Air Max 90 would you pick?


Mikey: It’s great to see Shyne speaking and using his experiences to try and help young men who are facing the same trials and tribulations that he endured. In his native country of Belize, Shyne Poe shares his story with inmates and gives them the honest truth about what many may classify as “gangster”, but as Shyne says is really taking “responsibilty for your actions.”

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