June 2012

“On August 5th it will take 7 minutes for the $2.5 billion dollar Mars Rover Curiosity to go from 13,000 miles per hour to zero. NASA scientists describe just how critical those last 7 minutes will be.”

Recently the internet has been buzzing over a battle I was surprised to see: Canibus vs Dizaster.

Now firstly I am writing this solely for hiphop and to put people straight who attempt to harm living legends who have helped to innovate the art to a new level of rhyming.

I’m sure most of you have already watched the battle in question and its sad to think that people of this era may may actually think that Canibus took a loss. Incase you didn’t heres a run down of what happened:

The so called battle went on for just under a hour, they got Canibus to go first who started off having fun keeping it friendly and not getting too personal. Dizaster came back at first with a few jokes before he began crossing the line as a man just become completely disrespectful.

Following Dizaster’s personal insults on Canibus, this battle stopped being hiphop and it was clear to see that Canibus no longer wanted to participate in the battle event and announced that it was over and forfeited the battle handing it over to Dizaster. Canibus explained that he was not feeling good on the day and not wanting to let his fans down asked for the respect of the floor to display his rhymes for the crowd to appreciate. As the battle was supossed to be over Canibus asked for his note pad and proceeded to recite some of his material he had prepared for the battle to give back to his fans.

Bis was then interrupted minutes into him rapping by Dizaster and the organizers allowed the challenger the disrespect and insult Canibus further. The whole ordeal was sad to see and was not a true representation of a fair honorable hiphop.

The thing is just because someone did research on Bis and fired more insults at him does not make him superia or a better mc. Its clear to see that Canibus had been set up in entering this battle and the organizers of this event displayed no honor or respect for a legend.

Who ever setup the battle obviously must have held some admiration for Canibus to want him to battle in the first place and the fact that it was orchestrated and allowed to go down in the way it did proves that their was a lot of hate towards Canibus.

Most rap battles today are NOT hiphop. Rap battles used to be about 2 mc’s displaying their skills to the best of their ability in an attempt to innovate each others skills to its apex. But we get so wrapped up in a fake manipulated culture that we completely forget and lose the whole essence and people get into the rap battle circuit and learn to battle get taught on false foundations.

I have a problem with what went down that night for a number of reasons. Firstly Canibus is an amazing lyricist with unbelievable potential. Dizaster in no way out rapped, out classed or proved that he was a better mc. All I witnessed in the battle was one person researching a man over his whole 15 year career. Displaying no honor, no art or intelligent word play.

Its sad to see a bunch of people attempting to break the spirit of a legend and even sadder that more people haven’t spoken up to outline these actions. This is Not Hiphop and I couldn’t imagine any other legendary mc being treated in this way.

Canibus is a technical mc. I’ll put it like this if you took his best ever verse and put it up against any other mc, the chances are that Canibus’s verse would probably just amaze you.

We mis understand what Hiphop is today and forget what it stands for:
H= higher.
I= infinite.
P= power.
H= healing.
O= our.
P= people

Therefore to me battle raps today are not Hiphop and here’s why. Take your top mc’s ima select some at random so let’s say you have 2 PAC, biggie and slick rick. Now you can’t say that anyone of these mc’s are better than one another because they all have different strengths. Slick Rick is an amazing story teller and taught his art to many mc’s that came after him. But has never written a hard lyrical verse in the same way Biggie would and Slick Rick and biggie could never make you feel their hearts in the same way 2 PAC could. So what I’m saying is that every great mc has a special strength and you can’t take away from any mc to build up a new up and coming one.

Hiphop is about pulling eachother up, not shoot one another down to climb higher.

Hiphop was attacked and filled with a lot of negative bullshit and we accept it and put it down as culture. No other genre has the same destructive element that rap music has. We are still slaves even entertaining it.

I myself misunderstood Canibus for a while in the early days when his initial hype fro the 90’s began to fade away. However when I took time to really listen to his bars I realised how advanced he really is and as a result of this most of his content will be miss understood and go way over most peoples heads. Canibus has stood firm over the years and has never conformed to another mans ways of doing things. I hope recognizes the points i’ve outlined in this article and bounces back from this harder than ever!

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